Wildflower Seed

Wildflower Seed packets

We gather a small amount of wildflower seed from our reserves which is available in small packets for garden use from our office and shops at Queenswood Country Park & Ledbury.

£2 per packet.

Currently available:

  • Yellow rattle seed, harvested from Birches Farm Nature Reserve, Herefordshire. Yellow rattle is semi-parasitic on grasses which allows other wildflowers to establish. However, it can rather take hold in the first few years so a subsequent sowing of a general wildflower mix is advisable.

Sowing your seeds:

  • Wildflower seeds are best sown in either autumn or spring though we would recommend sowing yellow rattle in autumn.
  • Sow onto bare ground - either a prepared bed or into bare patches on an existing meadow lawn.
  • Seeds should ideally stored somewhere cool and dark and sown within a year of harvesting (though seeds may remain viable for far longer.)

More advice at plantwild.co.uk


Creating a Wildflower Meadow

For a larger area, we recommend contacting PlantWild for seed and advice.