Find a nature reserve

Herefordshire is often described as England's most rural county, with a rich mosaic landscape of small fields, ancient hedgerows and wooded hills. From the Black Mountains in the west to the Malvern Hills in the east and the majestic sweep of the Wye Valley, the county embodies the finer characteristics of a rapidly vanishing traditional landscape.

We have over 50 nature reserves across the county, representing some of the finest wildlife sites in the county.

Why do we need nature reserves?

Many of our natural habitats and the wildlife they support are under great pressure from mans activities; intensive farming, industry, new roads and housing. For example Herefordshire has lost 69% of its species-rich grassland over the last 20 years.

Our nature reserves are a vital part of the county's natural heritage. They are home to some our rarest and most spectacular wildlife, including otters, dormice, pearl-bordered fritillary and wood white butterflies and many species of orchid.

The Trust is working to conserve and manage these reserves for the benefit of wildlife and for the enjoyment of visitors.

Use the map below to find a Wildlife Trust nature reserve near you.