Past Projects

Community Commons

The Herefordshire Community Commons Project was run by Herefordshire Wildlife Trust from 2005 until 2010. The project worked with local landowners, commoners and stakeholders to increase both their awareness of wildlife on commons and their involvement in its conservation. 

Ross Wild Connections

This project originated as an idea from Ross-on-Wye’s residents, who were keen to develop a wildlife walk around their town and improve the wildlife value of some of its urban green spaces.

Pooling Together

The Pooling Together – Reviving the Wetland Landscape Project was a collaboration between Herefordshire Wildlife Trust (HWT) and Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team (HART) which ran from  2015 to 2017.

The project has restored 21 ponds within the Bromyard Downs, National Trust’s Brockhampton Estate and Bringsty Common landscape. 

Bromyard Downs

The Bromyard Downs Project was a collaboration with the Bromyard Downs Commons Association and ran until 2017.


The ‘Learning Environments in Marine, Urban and Rural areas’ (LEMUR) project was an accredited training scheme that offered a fast track route to developing the necessary skills and competency required to gain a professional post in nature conservation. The ‘on the job’ placements and training reflected either a marine, urban or rural aspect of nature conservation.

Parklands Project

The Herefordshire Parklands Project aimed to build up a picture of the current condition of the county's parklands, looking specifically at the ecological, historical and archaeological features which still exist.

Ponds & Newts Heritage Network Project

The Ponds & Newts Heritage Network Project aimed to promote and map local ponds, as well as encouraging people to discover and report wildlife in ponds they investigated.

What's That Snake?

What's That Snake? was a collaborative project between Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and the Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team (HART), which ran for 2 years. It provided the public with an exciting opportunity to learn about and observe Herefordshire's reptiles.

Woolhope Dome Project

This project was our first Living Landscape project - combining landscape-scale conservation through partnership working with socio-economic needs of the communities.

Pond Restoration and Celebration Project

The aim of this project was to restore 5 ponds and encourage landowners to create or restore their own ponds.

Go Toads!

The Go Toads project ran in 2016, helping toads across the road in Bodenham. Patrols continue to run each spring as a legacy of this project.

Kington's Playful Landscapes

Run in collaboration with Herefordshire Campaign to Protect Rural England (HCPRE), this project ran from 2016 to 2017.