Frequently Asked Questions

For ease of reference, we'e organised the FAQs into the broad categories in the boxes below.  If you have a question that isn't answered in any of the sections, please contact us.

Planning Queries

Need advice on planning issues?

Wild Bird FAQ

 Mick Colquhoun

Don't wing it, check out our wild bird FAQ!

Hedgehog FAQ

Hedgehod - Courtesy Gillian Day

Got a prickly question about hedgehogs?

Injured/In Danger Wildlife FAQ

 Margaret Holland

Queries relating to wildlife that you come across that's injured or you're concerned might be in danger.

Wildlife Garden FAQ

It's a jungle out there - advice and tips on how to make your garden more wildlife-friendly.

Pond Management FAQ

Wondering how to make a splash with your garden pond?

Snakes FAQ

Adder - Credit: Jamie Hall

Uncoil more information on a snake you've encountered.

Bats FAQ

Pipistrelle Bat - Credit: Amy Lewis

Useful information about bats, regardless of whether you have a belfry or not!

Wildflower Meadows FAQ

Do you have a budding interest in creating a wildflower meadow on your land?

Bees/Wasps FAQ

Click here if you have a query that's buzzing around in your head.