Vine House Farm Bird Food

Vine House Farm is an award-winning producer of a unique range of wild bird food. The Wildlife Trusts chose the Farm as their ideal bird food partner in 2006, with the Farm donating a percentage of sales to the Wildlife Trusts. Since this partnership began, a staggering amount in excess of £1,000,000 has been donated to Wildlife Trusts right across the UK.

In the 11 years we have partnered with Vine House Farm, they have donated a fantastic £14,421.51 to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust!

Corn Buntings like an exposed perch to sing from

Vine House Farm, in the Lincolnshire Fens, has been farmed by the Watts family since 1883. The current owner, Nicholas Watts, is passionate about wild birds and, in 1992, he began to record which birds were breeding on the farm. Subsequent analysis showed that skylarks and corn buntings were declining at an alarming rate.

/Skylark with young in a crop of organic french beansDetermined to address this issue, amongst other measures Nicholas started feeding birds in the farmyard with a mix of wheat and oil seed rape. This attracted so many birds, primarily buntings and finches, that open days were organised to view the spectacle, with donations being passed to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. Unsurprisingly, many visitors asked if the food could be purchased, and so Vine House Farm Bird Foods began.

Yellow Wagtails arrive at the farm from early AprilVine House Farm now produces a unique range of excellent wild bird food, growing as much as possible on the farm itself, with other supplies being sourced mainly in the UK. In addition to crops, the farm grows sunflowers, canary seed, red and white millet, naked oats, wheat and oilseed rape. All of these are used in the various bird food mixes that they sell.

Habitat for Tree SparrowsMany conservation practices are carried out on the Farm and the Wildlife Trusts chose the Farm as their ideal bird food partner, with a partnership commencing in 2006. The arrangement includes 4% of every order being donated to the local Wildlife Trust of the purchaser, determined by their postcode.

In 2015, the amount donated to the Wildlife Trusts overall in this way reached a staggering £1,000,000. For the 2015/16 financial year, a massive £1,439.58 has been raised for Herefordshire Wildlife Trust! We are extremely grateful for their fabulous and ongoing support.

Check out the fantastic range of Vine House Farm bird food on their website. Remember that Herefordshire Wildlife Trust will receive 4% of every order placed by people who live in our postcode area, so place an order today!