Our vision is for a Herefordshire that is richer and more diverse in wildlife and that is valued, and cared for, by its people to the benefit of all.

In order to restore Herefordshire’s wildlife and engage people with the natural world we are working to the following objectives:

  • to focus HWT implementation efforts on conserving and enhancing biodiversity in a specific suite of Living Landscapes, whilst supporting key habitats and species across the county, to achieve maximum conservation impact.
  •  to ensure the Trust Reserves are being managed individually and collectively for maximum biodiversity value in the context of the landscapes in which they sit 
  • to act as the prime advocate for biodiversity in the county by working through strategic partnerships
  • to increase the level of public engagement with nature and wildlife, thereby leading to greater support for conservation of Herefordshire’s Wildlife
  • to develop HWT’s capacity to deliver against its conservation objectives

For more details about what we do and how we do it, our Business Plan and Landscape Conservation Strategy are attached below


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hwt_conservation_strategy_2015-20_final.pdf1.2 MB
hwt_business_plan_2015-20_final_final.pdf1.26 MB