Leaving a gift in your will

Leaving a Legacy/ Image: Liz OverstallLeaving a Legacy/ Image: Liz Overstall

Don't leave it out. Leave it behind. Leaving a legacy to the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

What does the word ‘legacy’ mean to you? Chances are, ‘something someone leaves behind’. In fact, legacies usually mean a gift to the future: something left behind that has a lasting effect. The legacy we’re talking about here is the legal term for a part of your estate you choose to give to someone specific after you die. Though the word may sound imposing, often a legacy is simply what’s left over - the residue - after your bequests to your family and other loved ones have been met. If you leave a legacy to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, it will indeed be a gift to the future – that has a uniquely positive and lasting effect. Why?

The reason’s straightforward: our focus is securing wild Herefordshire for future generations, and if we know that we have legacy income coming in the future, we can plan for that future more confidently by, for example:

  • Plotting new reserves
  • Setting long term conservation targets
  • Investing in training for our staff and volunteers

It also means we can better sustain and focus our current conservation efforts. And, besides allowing more confident long term planning, legacies can also build a capital cushion that allows us to respond quickly to conservation emergencies that day-to-day fundraising on its own cannot keep up with.

If legacy money allows us to strengthen our future efforts, it’s also value for money right now. That’s because it costs us less per pound to raise than public appeals do, and charitable legacies are positively beamed on by the taxman. In every way, legacies count – which is why we have a team here to help you make one, through either amending your Will, or helping you set one up.

They’re good news for the giver too. Not just because they’re such an effective way of helping preserve the future of the precious county we live in, but also because leaving a legacy has the singular feature of being a donation that, we earnestly hope, costs you absolutely nothing right now!

So don’t leave it out – leave it behind. Leave a gift in your will to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

If you would like to leave us a legacy, or want to find out more, please complete and submit the form below. Alternatively, please call our Director, Helen Stace,on 01432 356872 or email h.stace@herefordshirewt.co.uk

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