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Wed, 13/06/2018 - 2:30pm

Join the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust's Black Mountains branch group for a walk around the ancient trees of Moccas Park.

The trees host a large variety of epiphytic plants (plants that grow non-parasitically on other plants). More than 200 species of lichen have been recorded and a wide range of fungi grow in the forest and grassland, some of them very rare. The reserve is important to other invertebrate groups, particularily diptera (flies)

of which nearly 1000 species have been recorded. There have been 13 species of bat recorded in recents years. There are also well preserved features showing evidence of habitation dationg back to at least the bronze age  including a round barrow, a Norman motte and bailey and an 18th centuary park wall and lime kiln.

Please contact the event organiser, Liz Overstall, in advance to reserve a place:

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Entrance to Moccas Deer Park,

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Wednesday 13th June 2018
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Herefordshire Wildlife Trust
Venue location
Entrance to Moccas Deer Park,
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