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Wed, 18/10/2017 - 7:45pm - 9:30pm

Join us for an insightful and entertaining evening with celebrity naturalist Nick Baker.


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Building a Naturalist

Part Autobiography, part hard hitting call to action. Building a Naturalist is a journey through the development of a life-long biophile. Expect a journey that spans the last 44 years and zings all over the planet - connecting via experiences - familiar UK habitats to stories from more exotic shores.
We touch on subjects as broad as how keeping caterpillars in a jam jar lead to working with Britain’s rarest butterfly, how playing with grass-snakes helped Nick tackle a cobra, the similarities between Badgers and Black Rhino and how the most endangered species in the world is a child playing free in nature. This talk explores why this is and suggests how we go about rewinding a young generation and in doing so - save the world.

At the Event

Orchard Origins will be running a bar throughout the evening, serving local ciders and apple juice, with all profits invested in wildlife conservation and the sustainable management of traditional orchards in Herefordshire.


Please note that there is free parking for up to 3 hours in the Asda car park by the Kindle Centre. If you are attending both Nick Baker's talk and the Annual General Meeting which precedes it, you will need to collect a free parking pass from our reception desk in the Kindle Centre on arrival.

Nick Baker

Nick Baker is an expert naturalist and world renowned wildlife presenter with decades of experience in teaching and exploring the natural world. Edgy, exciting and with incredible drive and passion, his knowledge and experience encompasses the wild in its broadest sense – serious natural history and science, explorations of land and ocean, conservation, extinction. Nick considers himself a self-taught naturalist and has shared natural history in every way possible through TV, radio and the written word. Preferring hands-on real experiences he leads various natural history trips and courses both in the UK and abroad.

He is Duncan Louis Stewart Fellow of Natural History at Winchester College and has a wealth of broadcasting experience as a presenter on many popular TV programmes including The Really Wild Show (BBC1), Springwatch and Autumnwatch Unsprung (BBC2), Killer Shark Live (C5), Test Your Pet (CBBC & BBC1), Under the Skin (BBC2) and Deep into the Wild (Animal Planet). His ITV production Weird Creatures continues to enthral television audiences around the world and he is currently working on a series about life on the Tibetan plateau. He is also a columnist for BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Nick has recently published his tenth book, ReWild: The Art of Returning To Nature. A memoir of sorts, ReWild is written with passion, humour, boundless knowledge and a lifelong love of science and nature. It will inspire humans of all ages to 'strip life back to the essentials' from time to time and truly connect with the natural world around us. The result, to once again discover the great outdoors and all that it beholds.

In the US, Nick was one of the Ultimate Explorers (National Geographic/MSNBC) in which he covered anti-poaching patrols in Cambodia, the Yellowstone to Yukon natural area, Ebola outbreak in the Congo, and emergent zoonotic viruses (he was subsequently voted the most eligible presenter on cable by readers of People magazine).

Nick lives in Devon with his family and is heavily involved with various organisations including The National Trust, Wildlife Trust, Bug Life, and the RSPB - with whom he works on the ‘coal face of conservation’ leading a study of the declining Ring Ouzel on his home turf of Dartmoor. He is also the “wailin’ vocalist and honkin’ harpist” for Dartmoor based band Skinny Dog who play “a raunchy, graunchy mix of funky rockin’ blues”! ReWild is his tenth book.

Nick is also the President of The Wildlife Trust's junior membership club, Wildlife Watch.

(Images by Lyndsey Young)


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The Kindle Centre, Belmont Court,

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Wednesday 18th October 2017
7:45pm - 9:30pm
The bar will be open from 6.45pm.
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£12. This is a fundraising event for Herefordshire Wildlife Trust
Herefordshire Wildlife Trust
Venue location
The Kindle Centre, Belmont Court,
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